Celldweller in Saint-Petersburg (11/11/10)

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«Dear ladies and gentlements! Our guests from the USA have just passed thousands of kilometers to arrive here! Let’s greet…Celldweller!»… After the semielectronic female voice had presented the group in Russian there was a loud scream… I cannot define this sound of the crowd which broke the silence in the other way! As we saw the long-awaited group on the stage all expectation torments given by the GlavClub were gone away. Through The Gates mysteriously sounded against the hall…

Through The Gates
The Best It’s Gonna Get / Tainted
Own Little World
Thieves (Ministry Cover)
Louder Than Words
Ursa Minor
I Believe You
We Will Rock You (Queen Cover)
So Long Sentiment / Eon
The Lucky One

[singlepic id=670 h=155 float=left]I have no words or comparisons to describe further events. It was the great fusion bomb explosion plenty consist of the electronics and guitar mixed sound. The Best It’s Gonna Get was skillfully mixed with Tainted that the inexperienced audience couldn’t image that it was different songs. Klayton sang alive and let take away any doubts about his divine voice. And this inconceivable orgy slowly turned into the all expected track Frozen. Oh yes, everybody terrifically expected it. The megawatts of the electronic sound and the flashing voice of Klayton excited our minds and hearts which were trembling in the synthetic ecstasy during the composition. I can’t remember myself any more when Frozen overflowed into Own Little World mixed under the extraordinary dubstep and drum and bass. And OLW made me fall apart! The crowd of fans began to move, jump and cry out the well-known text (We will never die!) convincing the American guys on the stage that foreign fans are sink in the power from us very much. Almost imperceptible as before this madness had slowly passed in the magnificent mix on Symbiont. The track which was closed to my soul for a long time really jingled in my heart. Yes, perhaps, it was the best track at the concert and I look forward for a live version in мр3.

[singlepic id=664 h=140 float=right]The next part of the concert passed like a flash because of my photo session for the report therefore I will tell perfunctory about it. Fadeaway was played at once after the cover on Ministry (Thieves track). I didn’t recognize Fadeaway immediately; Klayton transformed the track almost beyond recognition but it has not lessened track’s originality and rigidity. Also I couldn’t recognize Louder from the first sounds although I’d just heard the mix on it before. And audience distinguished it almost at once and sang with screams lines of this song, jumping up and clapping their hands. And just after all Klayton made a pause, he cried out something like «Hello, Rossiya!» (Rossiya, instead of Russia). He also explained that they didn’t especially speak Russian in the USA, so he would communicate with us in English. Besides he took an interest if we were not against. He had received loud “Eeeeee” and he declared the next track I Believe You. I hadn’t expected the almost forgotten song at the track list yet, and Klay was not too lazy to make the live mix on it which was quite good and has opened for me the new sides of the song. When he finished the execution of I Believe You, he pleaded «to help him» in singing the song of the great group Queen. After his words: “Though we are Celldweller who don’t smoke, don’t drink, but all the same We Will Rock You!!!” Everybody started to stamp feet and to clap hands on the well-known song tune and of course to shout the words: “We wil,l we will rock you! …”
[singlepic id=662 h=150 float=left]I think the further events weren’t expected by anyone. The painfully familiar sounds and voices fell down from columns but it was not Celldweller, it was similar … but not them. Perhaps somebody had recognized Shapeshifter from the first sounds, but not me … It was the great and pleasant surprise. And I went on to enjoy the new mix doing the next photos.
But the sounds which started to vibrate in my head after all, had forced me to take away the camera and completely plunge into the bottomless whirlpool of the electric madness. At last Klayton laid up Mash-Up on Eon and So Long Sentiment for us. It was powerful, bits escaped outside from columns getting into embraces each of us. And when Klayton came down on knees and began to sing lingeringly “Under this crushing wait I’m sinking …” I was dumbfounded. And the craziest applause was brought out from the audience when he finished. “Bravo, Klayton, bravo!”
And again the small pause foretoken something more grandiose had been interrupted by one more request of Klaytona. He simply asked to sing two words «I AM» … As you have already guessed The Lucky One finished the concert. Klayton showed on each of us at the choruses, reminding how lucky we were that day. But despite the activity and fury of the Petersburg audience as soon as Klayton sang last lines, he left the scene. It’s all? But not so! «Switchback! Switchback!» – we shouted at the empty scene that it would have any forces. And our prayers were heard. “That’s OK. I will sing to you one more song, it will be the last one … Switchback!» – Klayton said and the audience blew up from his words! There is no any word to describe further events, look the video.

[singlepic id=676 h=80 float=left]I think I will finish my report in this case. I will only tell you that the Celldwelle concert was the best performance I have ever visited not only because of my favorite musicians. Everything what I saw and heard surpassed my expectations. [singlepic id=677 h=80 float=right]There was an autograph session after the concert. Everybody received the treasured autograph and could take the photo with Klayton and Bret. In general, the concert was in the top-level, those who was there do understand me, and those who wasn’t their will envy me. It was really super-duper. Thanks!

Report by E-No (Artem Solov`ev)
Translated by Anna Stepashkina (Guara, G.U.A.R.A.N.O.)


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Through The Gates

Thieves (Ministry Cover)

So Long Sentiment / Eon



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