K3M 53CK5D11N


2010 – eMerGe-n-EvoLve Download

[spoiler show="Треклист"]Kem Secksdiin01. The Best Part About U
02. Mirror’s Image
03. Stay Away
04. Not the 1 U Need
05. rEZuRekdEAD feat F@Mu$
06. TruAddikt
07. Night (Replace The Day) feat. James Breed
08. Distance From Me (Need Me)
09. Heavens So Far Away
10. MFS
11. Still Breathing
12. Further Still Falling
13. Suites Me So Well

2007 – Erasus Download

[spoiler show="Треклист"]Kem Secksdiin01. Erasus
02. Erasus (Instrumental)


DEMO Download

[spoiler show="Треклист"]Kem SecksdiinK3M 53CK5DiiN – my musiq’s fuqkin stupid
K3M 53CK5DiiN – TheArtOfRepetition
K3M 53CK5DiiN feat. LeelandJames – Awaken
K3M 53CK5DiiN – musiq’s fuqkin stupid meolodie sample
K3M 53CK5DiiN – My Musik Is Fucking Stupid (v 2.0)
K3M 53CK5DiiN – h8fullthings
K3M 53CK5DiiN – iLLycid
K3M 53CK5DiiN – nothing2beLIEveiNN
K3M 53CK5DiiN – HoLLoW-seLf LoAthinG mix
K3M 53CK5DiiN – simplicitydemo
K3M 53CK5DiiN – Druqkz (192 kb/s)
K3M 53CK5DiiN – Banging (192 kb/s)
K3M 53CK5DiiN – PAiN
K3M 53CK5DiiN – World In Plastic
K3M 53CK5DiiN – Hope
K3M 53CK5DiiN – The Crippeling (Instrumental)
K3M 53CK5DiiN – Truaddictdemo
K3M 53CK5DiiN feat H7 of Underlined – TheSuffering(DruGz)
K3M 53CK5DiiN – Cirkitbreaker
K3M 53CK5DiiN – 300
K3M 53CK5DiiN – beLIEve feat Mr Hall
K3M 53CK5DiiN – Ghettotech
Subkulture (Kem Secksdiin) – the best part about U
Subkulture (Kem Secksdiin) – Stay Away
Subkulture (Kem Secksdiin) – Sleep4Eva Preview
Subkulture (Kem Secksdiin) – Mirrorsimage
Subkulture (Kem Secksdiin) – rEzuReKdeAd feat. Famus
Subkulture (Kem Secksdiin) – Tha Disko
Subkulture (Kem Secksdiin) – Further Still Falling
Subkulture (Kem Secksdiin) – Pure Design
XXX Car Ride – BringThePain feat. Famus, Kem Secksdiin, Str8, Muffins
XXX Car Ride – H8 U feat. Kem Secksdiin
XXX Car Ride – Savior Instrumental (Kem Secksdiin)